Easy J’s HOT Album Takes: Dock Of The Bay

This Week’s drink of choice: Rebel Yell Straight Bourbon Whisky. 7/10 Want to pay 4 extra dollars for a fancy bottle? This is your Bourbon!



(Sittin’ On) The Dock of The Bay

This is one of those songs. It’s so great its greatness is undeniable. Instead of explaining why I chose it, I want to try to figure out why it is just soooo good. Instrumentally, no part is out of its mind, this is good. The rhythm section is just a simple rock-ish beat and a classic doom… doom doom dum dum dum (deal whit it) melody. A piano leads through the chords to paint the mood and the electric guitar is just some fantastic decoration, present but never in front the vocals. The same can be said for the horn section. The vocal performance blows my mind. I like it so much. The timbre of his voice is so unique so much emotion is conveyed through just an oooo or a little flair at the end of word. The timing of the lyrics in this song fall right behind the beat like early Snoop. It is so pleasing to my ear, like Otis and I have this inside joke about the timing of the song and he never lets me down. I think that means this song is… pocket.



I’m Coming Home To See About You

The song opens with a clank-y old time-y piano. Why? I don’t know but I am interested. I think the reason I like the instrumental parts of this song so much is the contrast between the verses and the chorus. The verses are subdued with a lot of space for emotion and lyrics. Then that dope as snare fill leads into the double time chorus which is bursting with emotion and upfront. The beat paints a perfect picture of a desperate lover. The song writes itself after that.



The Glory Of Love

I just want to say here that most of the tracks on this record could go here. I just liked this one best. Otis Redding is a fucking legend for a reason. He makes me feel things with that god damned smokey voice UH. Anyway, this is a love song, I don’t really know what is going on but it makes me feel complex emotions. I am happy, sad, scorned but most of all nostalgic for nothing in particular. What a strange thing to feel. A familiar longing for an idea I can’t comprehend. This track and “Tuesday’s Gone”  by Lynyrd Skynyrd make me feel this specific feeling. This attacks my personal feels. Also it isn’t over the first time and who would want it to end that early?


I Don’t Get It:


This song makes me feel nothing. To be fair we are getting into b-side filler territory on the record, so for what it is it’s not bad. I just wish there was more singing. It’s Otis man. I came here to hear him sing. Also that lady sounds like a total bitch. Just Sayin. Cut him some slack. He is Otis Funcking Redding, damn woman.



Don’t Mess With Cupid

The opening of this track sounds kind of like “Party in the USA.”

OK, I love the stomp clap “Cecelia” style drum part throughout. The chorus itself is simple with the same four word phrases repeating more or less. The horns make it for me. I dig the constant swelling lines putting us afloat in an electrified sea. It really compliments the high energy singing of Otis’s upper register.



Cause I’ve had nothing to live for/
And look like nothin’s gonna come my way

-(Sittin’ On) The Dock Of The Bay


The Brief:

This is a delightful way to spend forty minutes. Its a good record. The b-side might be a little soft, but that has as much to do with when it was made as what it  is. The biggest flaw might be that title track. It is just too good. “(Sittin’ On) The Dock Of The Bay” overshadows the rest of the album. It became difficult to enjoy the rest because I couldn’t stop singing the chorus to the opening track. I’m still singing it now.





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